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BTCFox-Free Bitcoin Generator!
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Claim Free Bitcoins Hourly!

We have Bitcoin Faucet giving our users free bitcoin rewards every hour. We have No minimu withdraw, you can withdraw your rewards after each claim. We give high %40 referral commission from faucet, this will help you to earn more from users who join under you.

Start CPU Mining!

We have smooth CPU Miner for bitcoin, it gives instant income with live updated stats under your Micro-Generator. our CPU miner is health and smooth on most PC/ laptops. as long as it use only %10~%20 of your CPU to generate bitcoins. No invest is required to start mining bitcoin from your home lap.

BTCFox is bitcoin mining based and faucet platform deliver quality and fair income for free users and investors .

We have low minimum withdraw (1 Satoshi) and hourly faucet. You can get paid instantly to your micro wallet address, or directly to your bitcoin wallet

BTCFox is quality bitcoin mining farm. We deal only with Bitcoin as long as we believe bitcoin has best future than other ecurrency .
You can join our premium investment service with lowest minimum .

We have %10 referral commission for every investment, and %40 commission from hourly faucet.

Free Bitcoin Generator!

You will have Free Bitcoin Generator which is based on our mining farm, You will get free balance within your generator after signup, and low minimum invest (0.0000001 btc) to increase your generator profits, we have low minimum withdraw as well to withdraw your hourly profits at anytime.

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