BTCBuffet – Earn 1 BTC or more?

Only 3-5 mins a day to EARN 1 BTC Or MORE - Its Possible Here.

Visiting BTC Buffet, you can see that the PTC provider has just started. BTC Buffet advertises in its main heading, to earn 1 bitcoin or even more with 3 – 5 minutes of time per day. To learn how this works, I recommend to read the published example on BTC Buffet Website. But now let’s take once a closer look at BTC Buffet.

UseCompletely free
UpgradeVIP Membership available
Upgrade Costs0.002 – 0.005 BTC per month
Withdrawal Threshold0.0002 BTC
Payment SolutionBitcoin, Cryptocurrency Wallet
Earn more withRefer new users – 3 Level Downline
Only 3-5 mins a day to EARN 1 BTC Or MORE - Its Possible Here.

BTC Buffet Instructions

  1. Click on the “Visite BTC Buffet” Button.
  2. Register as a free BTC Buffet Member through the “Sign up” Button.
  3. Setup your Account Info
    1. Upload your Profile Picture
    2. Put in your payout Bitcoin Wallet Address
    3. Enable 2 Factor Authentication ( 2FA ) to protect your account for abuse.
  4. Become active Member on BTC Buffet.
  5. Upgrade to VIP Member if you wish to and reach full earning potential of BTC Buffet
Only 3-5 mins a day to EARN 1 BTC Or MORE - Its Possible Here.

What is BTC Buffet?

BTC Buffet is a Pay to Click Service. According to whois query, the domain was created on 10.06.2018. As active member you earn different amounts of Satoshis clicking on the sponsors ads. The Amount you can earn with every click depend on the ad duration. As advertiser you can promote your URL on the Pay to Click or Pay to Surf section. The current member base counts 21,904 registered users, which increase every day. With 50% active clicking members, in my opinion, BTC Buffet has a very healthy active member base.

Is BTC Buffet free?

Yes, everyone can join and use BTC Buffet for free. According to the terms of use, only one account per household is allowed. There is the possibility to set your account to VIP status. The VIP status has to be renewed every month. The expenses according to the provider are 0.005 BTC per month. But exactly here it gets interesting, as you will learn in the next section. The upgrade to VIP status opens up the true earning potential at BTC Buffet.

Only 3-5 mins a day to EARN 1 BTC Or MORE - Its Possible Here.

How is the earning potential as a user of BTC Buffet?

Basically, your earnings depend on your own activity and the number of active members you invite. As a free member you will receive 100% of your own ads clicks and 10% on Referrals’s clicks. The referral click commission will increase depending on which upgrade package you currently have. From 20% to 50%. In addition, you will receive 5% commission on the upgrade expenses of your direct referrals. 3% and 2% upgrade commission on upgrade expenses of your members in the 2nd and 3rd downline level. According to the choosen Upgrade Package.

How an earning example with 500 Direct Referrals can look like, I would like to illustrate by a screenshot of the provider website. See the picture below.

This is an commission example starting from 500 direct Referrals, published by BTC Buffet to illustrate the commission potential.

Further revenue with BTC Buffet Score system

BTC Buffet designed also an indirect revenue system to let you earn even more. This score system is available for VIP members. Whenever you collected up to 100 points, you will earn VIP bonus which is worth at 550,000 satoshis (0.0055 BTC). After you reach the 100 points you will get 0.0055 BTC and the score is reset to zero. Now you beginn again to collect 100 points.

Those actions will bring you points:

  • When you upgrade your account to VIP. -> 10 points
  • When you extend or renew your VIP Membership. -> 30 points
  • When you accumulate up to 100 points. (Complete Buffet Score) -> 10 points
  • When a Referral upgrade his account to a VIP Member. -> 30 points
  • When a Referral extend their VIP Membership. -> 10 points
  • When your Referral completes their 100 points. -> 30 points

To learn more about the point system, visit BTC Buffet.

Only 3-5 mins a day to EARN 1 BTC Or MORE - Its Possible Here.

How works the payout with BTC Buffet?

BTC Buffet pays directly to your Bitcoin account. You can set up your Bitcoin address in your account settings. If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet, you can create one on my recommended wallet provider Coinpayments. The payout, according to the provider, takes 3 – 4 days. You can only request one payout per day. The withdrawal treshold is 0.0002 BTC.

My summary about BTC Buffet.

After I have dealt more closely with BTC Buffet now, I think that the earning potential with BTC Buffet is not exaggerated. In order to realize the full potential you should be able to invite 500 and more direct referrals. But also a Downline of 100 paticipants would be be a good start. A VIP upgrade I would recommend only with a correspondingly large downline. If you’re willing to invest a bit of money in advertising, I recommend Creating an ad campaign on Bits pays Ojoowad or Adfeedz

The points system and the associated merit makes BTC Buffet unique in its industry as a PTC provider. Another positive point is the possible free entry to try out BTC Buffet. This decreases the inhibition threshold for those interested in registering with BTC Buffet.

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