what is it and how to

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I will Start using this now and will let you know how it works

Get Bitcoins in a second. Earn Free Bitcoin in a second. This extension will improve your experience with, which let you earn bitcoins while visiting our advertisers. Please note that you might see our advertisers and banners while browsing. Happy earning!

First off all you make an account with your bitcoin-adress.

Don’t worry it is totally anonymous like a-ads in my last review

Install Browser Plugin From Chrome Web Store

Ads: 20 Value: BTC 0.00000044 – BTC 0.00000008
Daily earnings: BTC 0.00000200+
Payment method: BTC
Waiting time: Manual
Max DR: No limit
DR value clicks: 30% – 50%
Minimum: BTC 0.000006000

You need to visit a couple sites to get improvement on your income structure

Visits required to get those levels :

Level 1: The default level
Level 2: you need to perform minimum 7 visits on last 7 day
Level 3: you need to perform minimum 20 visits on last 7 days earn free bitcoins, advertising, cpc

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