The Daily Freedom Challenge

Forced Matrix

This program stature. Whole team boost this program. If you are lazy to recruit others. No problem. Because you will get paid.

Be part of the DF Challenge 2019! It’s worth it! There are 1500 more members every day! I achieved 70 USD in 12 days! You have to do a little something but then it works! 

We are already a big team and are happy to help you build your success in this program.

…and all that with only 20 cents or $1.20 if you want it to go faster.

Why Join DFC

Easy to use

We made this easy for our members to use our system to earn income in a daily basis. Check out our back office.

Powerful Comp Plan

With our packages starting at $0.20c, anyone can join our program and start making money in no time. Join us now.

2×2 Follow Me

With our 2×2 follow me system and our auto-level up system, you will be going through levels and earn from your directs, their directs and community efforts.

Our Best Propositions for You!

In today’s world, so many people are struggling. They need a way to be able to lift themselves and their families out of their situations and into a better way of life. DFC is just the vehicle to do just that. For only $0.20 cents, a person can join our community, and become financially blessed in a very short time! Even those that do not have the $0.20 cents will be welcomed and taken care of. DFC is here, now, and ready to help YOU! Join with us today and know true financial freedom!

Awesome Things About DFC

Anyone can join

The Unemployed, retirees, college students, people who need extra income, financial need, who wants to earn bitcoin.

Fast and Simple

Our 2×2 Follow me matrix, you will be in and out in no time. Just by inviting 2 people and help them get 2, it will roll.

Speedy Donations

With the low cost of $0.20c, many people will join our program and you will receive your donations in no time.

Get Out of Debt

Our mission is to help people get out of debt. This is why we are starting at a very low cost which allows you to leverage easily in our system.

Best Industry Leader

With our plan, many leaders are joining our program and brining in their teams. This is why you should join us and get started now.

24/7 Online Support

If you have any questions, please contact us using the form. We will get back with you as soon as possible.

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