How a 3-way call works

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How a 3 way call works

You get a lead ( somebody who wants more information about crowd1 )

We arrange for a time that works for everybody

It Will be a video call trough Whatsapp

The person being the closer

Will take over after introduction and lead the conversation in a positive way

That means your sponsor who already knows how to promote the program

Will convince your lead into joining crowd1 under your link

It does not work all the time but it has a high succes rate

It Will be a safe Feeling for your downline

Knowing that they Will be taken in and guided towards succes

Everybody who invest is naturally scared of not knowing what to do and how to go and grow

By taking away those nasty scary thoughts

Your prospect Will feel a lot safer knowing that the commission hunting game is build on teamwork

Because you know i love to say

Teamwork makes the dream work

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