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This I Have Just Send Out To Al My Refs From Many Programs

They Call Me The Redpack King 😛
Because I Have over 120 Redpacks Who Are not Activated 😛

While the last days i have been promoting like crazy 😛
I thought lets take over the login screen of PtcShare one of my favorite programs
You won’t find one online that’s more legit!!
Invest under me and i will give you insurance on your deposit up to a maximum of $1000

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We Go We Try We Multiply!!!

Nowadays You Can’t Click A Normal Site Anymore Or You See My Site Coming Up 😛
The way i promote is different than most marketeers use but what can i say 😛
It’s In the name 😛 PtcPat Reporting for duty sir!! 🙂
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I Had To Learn A Bit But Now I Am Posting My Links To About 400 Sites Daily

Running Close To 25.000 Signups In Different Programs And Teaching The World How I Do It

PTCShare Invest under me in this program and i will give you a insurance!! You will be assured of not losing your money with my money back gaurantee Up until $1000!!!

Now This Is What I Have Send My Downline Today

As Known All My Work Is Allowed To Be Used By Other Online Entrepreneurs I Am In This To Make The World A Better Place 🙂


  Heey my fellow commission hunters

As you might have heard Crowd1 is taking over the world by storm!!

As it is not only changing the lives of many people but also the way affiliate marketing works!!

Before you had to blast your ass of hoping to earn some penny’s…

we all have been there before…
All week promoting sending out 1000 e-mails…
Posting on forums…
Bugging your friends family or people you know to join your program…
Adding people on facebook To Try and convince them of your working ways….

How’s  That working out for you??
Hmmm You Manage You Say?

Let’s quit the charades and be honest to each other… 🙂

Most people are higly motivated and dedicated to earning an online income ( i devote my life to it ) 😛

God’s Honest word is just that most people don’t know how but they want to know!!

For me that is no different!!

That’s why i was happy somebody came up to me and told me about this opportunity.

What makes it different from other businesses is that here you receive full guidance and help to start your own online empire

We are part of the biggest Crowd1 promotional group and offer full support and guidance!!

You can count on our WhatsApp group Crowd1 international To Be Ready To Support You And Answer al Questions!! ( 24/7 )

We Also offer you and your downline this :

When having a lead, somebody interested in joining the program.
Make use of your sponsor and the professional closers to assist you in sealing the deal!!

Like i always love to say #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

Work smarter not harder we are all highly motivated to help you forward and we promise to do all we can to assist you!!

You will not be alone in this misty Forrest of online earning and you will be Never again 🙂

We have a tight group that i love to see as a family 🙂

Filled with great people from around the world ready to learn earn and assist when needed 🙂

Also, i would like to inform you the Crowd1 VIP  cruise is a big success!!

Many of our members Are on the cruise and they upload new info and pictures daily.

As my last tip op advice, i would like to tell you this

when joining our team you will receive many bonuses regarding :

How To Promote
3-Way Calls ( Let Your Upline Do The Work Or His Upline ) Learn From Us
How to Build Your Own FREE WordPress Site.
Fulltime Support And Guidance On Whatever You Need It 🙂
Lifetime Contact With Many Online Entrepreneurs Just Like Yourself!! 🙂

Now, What Are You Waiting For??

Do You Want To Keep Going How You Are Going Now?
Hoping That One Day Things Will Change??
Or Wil You Take Action And Contact Me Back?

There is no cost on just sending a message!! 😛

Feel free to get an idea of the person you are talking with!!

PtcPat +31633518590

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