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Please Join The Crowd!!
Best Paying Program Ever!!!

Heey Guys It’s The Birthday Boy Here 😛

God Is Great Sending Me Already 6000 Visitors from Ptcshare Before 10 AM

PTCShare Invest under me in this program and i will give you a insurance!! You will be assured of not losing your money with my money back gaurantee Up until $1000!!!

I Will Show Below One Of The Ways You Can Use To Convince A Cold Lead In A Paid Signup.

We All Just Could use the help and this is my way of trying to move everybody forward!!

Heey Lize Wil Be Joining You Soon With The Trades!!
Was Really Busy With Helping Everybody And Writing Extended Reviews while also keeping the wifey and my boss happy 😛

Crowd1 is a company that from 2016 was in real estate then took a dive with the recession
in 2017 they got a new owner and he trew things around.

Now crowd1 offers education for people to start up their own company and provides lots of info  ik  can show you inside this mail   It’s My Birthday!! 😛
This is a part of the education crowd1 offers but i don’t focus on that.  
they have that in my opinion to be counted as a mlm company

Crowd1 has 6 days left where you get free owner rights instead of buying education.
The company is launching Affilgo and Migsterr where we gain extra income from the gamers and gambling industry

Crowd1 is not an investment matrix or a gambling company They Just offer us a link to get those people to recruit gamers and fellow same-minded entrepreneurs.

They Do Offer A Lot Of Bonuses And to Be Honest I Was Afraid it was a scam to until the Crowd1 VIP cruise came and some of my friends are on that cruise.

I also spoke with the New Owner of Crowd1 And he had many sweet words for me!!

They want me to speak on stage Early next year in front of thousands of people explaining where i come from ( homeless etc. ) and how crowd1 has helped me to get back up.

They say i have the right energy and dedication to convert a lot of people with my story

We Also Gain passive income from the streamline bonus And when joining with a white pack you get this

You can get Directly 40 times 1.80 euro by liking crowd1 and affilgo on instagram and facebook.

Also the market where we can sell our owner rights opens in 6 days thats the place where we can sell our owner rights to other members

More info can be found here 

When Having Any Questions Feel free to contact me 🙂

I Will Be On Your Side Studying your ways soon!! 

Lots Of Love Patrick


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    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Heey Dankuwel Patrick!!

      Dat Ga Ik Zeker Doen!!

      Al Moet ik Zeggen dat ik in de marketing als eigen baas ik veel harder ga werken dan ooit tevoren 😛

      Ik hoor het wel als u ergens ondersteuning bij nodig heeft zoals bekend ik sta present 😛

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