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How many of you have been up worrying about how to pay the bills desperately searching the internet?
How to earn from home? How to get rich quickly?? How to be your own Boss???
How to make money online? How to build a business?? How to live the life of my dreams???
Honestly.. We Need an extra income to live ( Because paying the Bills ain’t living!! )

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Airdrops and Bounties:

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop is a publicity stunt from a new upcoming coin to become more known and adapted
They have been dropping them for years with the most famous one being OmiseGo who did not tell anybody of their airdrop
Users who had Ethereum in their wallet just noticed they had a new token
There is a lot of money to be made with airdrop if you follow our strategy
For upcoming crypto warriors i advice to read up a bit on our ways of advertising as we can show you how to get results
With the government banning ICO’s and the community noticing this is the way to global adoption: Here we are

With a bounty you get paid more most of the time as they require you to do more work like :
Following on Twitter , Telegram,Or to verify your KYC things like that…
The idea of the 2 are quite similar

When interested in these sorts of online earning be sure to click the link.

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