Passive Bitcoin income with Computta Smart Miner Application – reviewed 2018

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With the Computta Smart Miner Application it is possible to generate a passive Bitcoin income. If you visit the Computta website, you will see the headline “Turn Your Computer Into a 24X7 Money Generator, 100% Autopilot.” Is 100% FREE. Everyone’s Invited! “. What does this statement actually mean, how does Computta work? And what`s the capacity of the Computta mining software? Find the answeres here.

UseCompletely free
Withdrawal Threshold0.003 BTC
Payment SolutionBitcoin, Cryptocurrency Wallet
Earn more withRefer new users
Downline Depth5 Levels
Visit Computta Website

Computta Instructions

  1. Visit the Computta Website.
  2. Register on the Computta Website and login.
  3. Download the Computta Software.
  4. Install Computta Software on your Computer.
    1. Important: Mining Software uses the Hardware Ressources of your device. The most Antivirus Software recognizes Miner Software as a Virus and put the Software in quarantine. You need set up your Antivirus software, and add the software as an exception. Computta publish on its help page a step by step tutorial on how to do it.
  5. Run the Computta Software and start the benchmark test. Determines the mining power of your device and estimated earnings with your Computer.
  6. Let Computta run when you turn on your Computer.

Computta Insights?

The domain of the provider was created in December 2016 and is hosted on a German hosting provider. How you can see at the IP in the whois query. The https in the domain shows that your form data is encrypted and thus securely transmitted. So the technical datas make an trustable impress.

To the software itself. Computta provides to its members a ready to go Mining Software. Without complicated setups. The software uses the Hardware ressources of your Computer, and is mining, as long your device is running. Using the software requires a registration. After registering, the Computta Smart Miner Application is available for download in the member area.

How many Satoshis can you create with the Computta Smart Miner Application?

How much you can earn with Computta is firstly diffiicult to summarize in numbers. As mentioned in the previous section, Computta uses the hardware resources of your computer. So the amount of bitcoins you create depends on the performance of your current hardware. Computta allows mining with CPU and GPU. The expected earnings, only with your computer, is estimated by Computta from 30 to 100 Dollar per month. For this you should have up-to-date computer equipment. Here you can read which graphics cards and CPU are suitable for bitcoin mining. The Computta benchmark test will show you more about your to expected earnings.

Increase your Computta earnings with the Affiliate Program

Computta provides a 5 tier Affiliate Program, which allows you to increase your earnings drastically. The commission grading are as follows:

  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2: 5%
  • Level 3: 5%
  • Level 4: 3%
  • Level 5: 2%

of the earnings of your invited and active partners. Again, I would like to refer to the statement of the provider.

If you do some aggressive promotions initially it’s fairly easy to earn over a $1,000 per month in passive commissions.

Does the Computta Softare affect the workflow with my computer?

The mining performance can be easily adjusted with the software. I have never experienced that mining has affected the workflow with my computer. Although I set the mining performance to 90%. Following performance levels are available.

  • Off – With this setting you set the mining to off and you have currently no own mining earnings.
  • Smart Mining – You only mining Bitcoins, if you do not use your computer for your work.
  • 50% – 50% of your hardware is used for mining.
  • 90% – 90% of your hardware is used for mining.
  • 100% – 100% of your hardware is used for mining. ( Not recommended by me, cause it can freeze your Desktop. )

How the payout works with Computta?

Computta has already reduced its payout treshold twice. Currently the payout treshold is set to 0.003 BTC. Changes are the responsibility of the provider and are possible at any time. But the information flow of the operator is very good. And you will be informed in time about all changes.

Once you reach the payout threshold, you can transfer your earnings directly to your Bitcoin Wallet. Before the transfer, please set up your Bitcoin Wallet address in your Computta member area under the menu item “Payments Settings”.

An example of an BTC address looks like that: 3KA4uffPg8piuF9b3b6G3R9afi95QJTUVG

If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet, you can get one for free at .

Computta Smart Miner Application – the summarry

The Computta Smart Miner Application is a risk free opportunity to mine Bitcoins with your own Computer and is provided as ready to go Mining Software. You need to download and install the software after your registration. The software is virus free, but recognized from your Antivirus Software, like all other mining software, as dangerous. You need to whitelist the software with your Antivirus program to work properly. After the benchmark test with the first start of the Computta software, which determines the estimated earnings with your computer, the miner runs in the background of your device. The earnings depends on your computer hardware performance. The mining speed is easy to adjust. With 90% mining speed I had never problems with my computer performance. Once reached the payout treshold of 0.003 BTC, you can send your withdrawal request. The payout is processed directly to your BTC wallet. With the 5-tier Computta Affiliate program you can increase your earnings drastically.

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