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coin bulb review

Coinbulb Review

Name: Coinbulb


Overall rank: 90/100

Coinbulb overview

Coinbulb is a simple online platform that provides an avenue for advertisers and owners of blogs and sites to draw traffic to their websites. It is an advertisement agency that gives members an avenue to earn money in the form of digital currency from clicking on ad campaigns posted by the administrators and also put up their own ads and banners to promote various products and services.

Here, users can earn accumulated remunerations paid directly to their Bitcoin wallets. It provides members with an avenue to refer new people to also participate in the system resulting in the growth of a wide database which ultimately translates to massive traffic.

Even with the great amount of traffic it draws, the site is hosted on a non-secure platform which opens up the possibility of malicious content, bringing up speculations of Coinbulb being a scam.

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The good

It sports a simplistic and easy to navigate interface that doesn’t require ace level internet skill to access. This decisive and consistent layout makes it attractive to potential recruits.

Ads can be placed at a reasonable price. This makes the system very attractive to potential advertisers ultimately bringing more activity to the site and an avenue for more people to earn.

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There have been results and testimonial of immediate and faster payouts; this eliminates any issue or speculation of Coinbulb being a scam network.

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The bad

Being an avenue for advertisement, there isn’t always a lot of advertisements for users to view. This might be a discouraging factor as the sole purpose why the site draws

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traffic is for the service it offers.


Aside from other programs like the referrals network, you should not expect to make huge sums of money from this system.

Who is Coinbulb for?

All activities on Coinbulb are conducted with the use of Bitcoin as the only exchange currency. Users are therefore expected to have a base knowledge of how the Blockchain system operates and how to take a log of their wallets. Coinbulb is mostly for advertisers looking to drive traffic to their sites and blogs.

It is also best for people who are looking to mine or earn income online by performing simple tasks by clicking on ads and links. Seeing as there really is no complications with the mode of operations, just about anybody can operate successfully in this network.

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Coinbulb tools, training, and support

For both advertisers and other members who set out to earn on this site, there are clear and straightforward methods of operations. Advertisers need not sign up to be able to post their ads to the system and are guaranteed instant circulation of their ads with visibility to all users. In turn, they get high-quality traffic from Bitcoin users with high level of security. Interested individuals can visit their website and check out their membership plans or send emails of inquiries to

Coinbulb compensation plan

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The Coinbulb system offers two different compensation packages to users. Advertisers get rates of 0.00120 mBTC (cost per click) and above from users in the system. Clickers, however, stand to earn up to 0.05 mBTC per click. Users get different advantages based on the different packages they are subscribed to and can cash out at a minimum payout of 0.5 mBTC. However, the premium membership is far more advantageous than the free membership as members stand to earn 120% of their referral click value as opposed to the free membership which offers 80% of their referral click value.

There are a few subscriptions charges for members with the premium membership, they are charged 4 mBTC for 30 days, 7 mBTC for 60 days, 10 mBTC for 90 days and 18mBTC for 180 days. Using the premium membership drives up your earning potential with instant payment to your wallet.

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My final opinion of Coinbulb

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Coinbulb is a good site where you can earn money in Bitcoins for simple ad clicks and also promote your products through posted ads. If you are wondering if Coinbulb is a scam, it isn’t. However, you should be aware that clicking on several foreign links at rapid intervals opens up your device to phishing and malicious software. Also, even though it is a pay to click website, do not get your hopes high as they are not always enough ads for you to get clicking as much as you would like.

Overall scam rank: 90/100

Verdict: LEGIT.

As Coinbulb is going to be most effective for users who have a blog or website. I suggest first creating a website or blog on a niche of your choice.

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