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Best Paying Program Ever!!!

We Deal
We Act
We Multiply!!


If I Want To Make Money From My Downline
I Must Teach Them To Make Money That’s What I Believe!!!


Heey Guys First Of All I Want To Thank You Guys!!

You Know I Come From Far Being Homeless For Years And Just Starting This Online Marketing Career About 6 Months Ago

Thank You For The Trust In Me!!!

Without You, I Would Be Nowhere In This Game

I Give You My Word That I Will Always Keep Assisting You In Your Quest To A Honest Online Income!!! 🙂

My Favorite Program Using It Daily And Won’t Stop!!!
Truly Loving It Great Leads And Good Earnings
Support Really Helping When Needed
I Have Met Lots Of Nice People Here Asking Me For Advice
Who Want To Team Up With Me On Our Crypto Commission Hunt

Let Me Show You The Inside Of The Program As Everybody Is Used From Me By Now 😛

This Is The Login Screen Here You See Your Main Info And The Places You Can Click On Like
Buy Ads
My Campaigns
Mega Bonus Etcetera

I Have To Say I Have Used The Screen That Shows Send Your Ad Out To All Of Our Members About 10 Times And It’s Converting Nicely

I Will Show Below
I Bought A Couple With Vip Also As You Can See Below 😛

Just Uploaded This One 🙂
As You Can See It’s Featured And Will Be 15 Days
Meaning It Will Come Up A LOT More Frequent
I Think That One Will Have About 15.000 Views When Finished
Message From The Heart 🙂

Below I Will Show Some Of The Options You Can Buy To Promote Your Link

Me Being Me I Will Honestly Tell What I Think Is The Best Way To Go

I Could Talk About Everything…
I WON’T I DON’T Use Anything Else Then PTC AD

You Could Have Seen That One Coming If You Are A Frequent Reader 😛

PTCShare Invest under me in this program and i will give you a insurance!! You will be assured of not losing your money with my money back gaurantee Up until $1000!!!

Have To Put In PtcShare There I Am Also One Of The Top %15 Promotors Meaning I Get A Daily Extra Ad Issue Of $5.90

Back To Adtokenz My Campaigns

Oooow My God I Have Bought 27 Card Campaigns
The Thing I Showed Above
Send Out Ads To All Members
To See All My Ads Have Run Out I Have To Buy Some New 😛

I Will Show You A Inside Of The Ads I Have Bought
As You Can See Lately I Have Written A Super Page 😛
It Shows A Bit How I Role When Waking Up Before Leaving To Work

The Superpages Being How I Start My Day
And Crowd1 We Push!!
One Of My Best Programs Is Crowd1
CROWD1 Has Made Me The Most Money Of All Programs!!

And Has No Intentions Of Slowing Down
I Am Known For My Support And Guidance
Put ptcpat As Your Sponsor I Contact You Within 12 Hours 🙂 Thank You

Have To Show Off!!! 😛
I Am Climbing To The Top 😛

PtcPat Standing On Place 14 And Rising!!
You Guys Know That When You Are My Downline You Can Message Me For a Free Adpack Right?? 🙂
Explanation And Help Also Included 😛

I Am A Heavy Supporter Of This Program And The Way It Roles

That’s Why I Always Buy The Mini And Mega Upgrade 🙂

As You Can See The Profit Is Near But The Most Interesting Thing Will Be Shown Below 😛

First Just Like My Review Of Yesterday I Will Show You My Words Are True

I Really Am Making Money Online!! 😛

$75 In 75 Minutes

Have To Show The One From Yesterday Also Who Knows My Haters Will Stop Saying I Will Never Make It As A Online Marketeer 😛

Again As You Can See About $125 In 30 Minutes
For Those People Saying I Am Hallucinating 😛
Use Your Calculator

For Today I Have Not Bought Ads Because I Am Blasting Away At And Have Bought The Mega Upgrade

SURFE.BE MY SECRET TO LOTS OF REFS - Banner advertising service Feel Free To Contact me i will show you how to use correctly 1000 views $0.80 When having your own site use minimum 15 seconds to keep Alexa rank high 🙂
10 Sec
UNIQUE VISITOR + $0.10 A 1000 Visitors

Back With Adtokenz
I Told You I Got The Mega Bonus

I Have Bought It Today And Have Nor Received Ads As They Are Sent Out Before I Bought My Mega Upgrade Will Show Tomorrow 🙂

Well Guys I Hope You Like My Review About How To Use Adtokenz

Whatsapp Me For More Info Or A Talk +31633518590

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