Use This Follow Up E-Mail For your Redpacks Crowd1

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Join 146 other subscribers

Please Join The Crowd!!
Best Paying Program Ever!!!

  How Are You Doing?
 I Am Almost Ready To Leave For Work Thought I Would Send Out An Email Before

You Al Have Received Plenty Of e-Mails From Me By Now Why I Think You Would Make A Wise Decision To Join Crowd1 And Me Offering You Guidance And Training Trough The Misty World Of Online Earnings 

This One Will Be No Different 😛

Again I Would Like To Express You Can Ask My Help For Anything!!

If I Have Some Wisdom In That area I Will Surely Share It With You!!

You Guys Know Of The Offer I Give Out When Signing In 3 White Packs I Give You A Gift Code For A White Pack 

And That Because Of The Fear Of Loss Bonus

When Subscribing 4 People Within 14 Days You Recieve A Minimum of 125 Euro’s

I Would Like To Inform You That We Have 11 More Days To Gain Owner Rights
Crowd1 Wil Launch Officially In 11 Days Meaning The Beta Fase Of Handing Out Owner Rights Will Stop And You Will Only Pay For Education

I Would Advice You Join Fast And Recruit Like Crazy To Make Sure You Still Recieve A Nice Streamline Bonus And Off Course Commission From Affilgo And Migster

I Would Want To Say Go For It!!

When Not Successful Or Happy With The Result You  Always Have This Section I Have Written Below    

Sorry For The Collor But  I Copy Paste From The Crowd1 Site

I Would Advice You To Check Out My Site For Lots Of Info And How to Go

Contact Me On Whatsapp +31633518590

What can I do to get my money back if I am not satisfied?If you wish to request a refund for any transaction you have made, you must first submit a Support Ticket with your request, using REFUND as the subject line. Also, make sure you have checked the company Terms & Conditions before making your claim. If the claim is according to the Terms & Conditions, Crowd1 will instruct our payment partner to refund you. Remember that you may commit fraud if you ask for a chargeback via your bank after having first made the payment and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.

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