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Crowd1 Concept Video

Yeaaah Couple Of Days Till The Launch!!
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As you can see i am still a black pack but i will upgrade to a gold one this week!!
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To show you some inside pictures from the 2019 Crowd1 VIP Cruise

To the right with glasses is Eddy My Friend And Mentor
He Is Here With The Direction Of Crowd1

Next year i will also be at your side my friend!! πŸ™‚

I am qualifying for the cruise next year i will get there with the help of al you guys trusting me
Thank You So Much For That!!

As you guys must know by know i offer great deals with crowd1

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The top of crowd1 with my friend Renz πŸ™‚
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Thank You So Much, Eddy Fred And Renz !!!
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I will be forever gratefull!!!

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Where you get to meet the people making your life so much better!!!

Here I came home from work πŸ˜›
Straight back to working at home getting my trailer ready for the winter πŸ˜›

I Am In The middle of moving and have bought a big trailer on a vacation park called Wieskamp for more info πŸ™‚
Will be having a rental home in 3 to 5 months in Haarlem
And will keep the trailer to rent out to Friends for vacation
And also as my own vacation home πŸ™‚

I teach many ways of earning online!!

As you can read on my blog i was homeless for years and had lost almost everything….

Except the will to fight!!

I Came to the homeless shelter 15 months ago and fought harder then i have ever done before!!

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I Am in the top %5 of Ptcshare 300.000 members

And I am the number 11 Top promotor of Adtokenz As You Can See Below I Am Climbing πŸ˜›

I Was Reffered By Cryptoclick ( Merry )
I Told Her Thanks And Started With a 300 People Signed In Below Her
I Will Be In The Top 5 In 2 Months I Hope

Merry I Am Taking Over πŸ˜›

In a few months me and my wifey will become travel bloggers πŸ™‚
first visiting my friend Prince from Nigeria
Then Indonesia Where My Wifey Her Family Is From πŸ™‚

And Then To All The Amazing Sweet People I Meet From Aftica

Love You Guys!!!


I hope you liked my review about Crowd1 and join my team!!

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Comments (31)

  1. Sisca

    Hey thanks so much Pat for everything you’ve done for me,the support and all the time you’ve given me. I also hope you won’t get tired to help in the future. You’re a best sponsor I have, thank you.
    Wish others will also notice your dedication to Crowd1 and to people you’ve sponsored so far and want to join our team and be a big happy family we’re.

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Thank you so much for your kind words Sisca

      I will never leave your side again! πŸ™‚ I will never get tired of helping you that’s what friends are for.
      I Will Keep guiding you towards success and give you all the help I can possibly offer.
      Glad To Have You Aboard This Money Train!! πŸ™‚

      let’s expand our crypto warrior family!!

  2. Maria

    Crowd 1 is a trending online business worldwide people are joining every minutes.Thanks for Pat for introducing us in this platform. He is so enthusiastic and teaching his downliners.You earn residual income for performance and owners rights every Friday.
    “U are well come to join this interesting business and start learning more”!!!,

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Thank you Maria!!
      It’s A pleasure to have you on my team!!
      I can’t wait for us all to go on the cruise next year πŸ™‚
      Your kind words have enlightened my heart πŸ™‚

      Will be gladly guiding you towards Success!!

  3. Inyang Prince

    With a great awesome dude like Pat on your side supporting you with every necessary informations you need, you are sure on a journey of advancement.
    You the best man and very hard working.
    I love you from ?

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Thank you for kind words my brother!!
      Soon we will be able to meet in real life πŸ™‚
      I’m coming to you with my wifey as soon as there is a possibility!!

      I am so happy we met years ago and i love you to my man have a blessed day!!

  4. Benjamin van der Brug

    Ik ben nu enkele weken begonnen met Crowd1 en leer steeds meer over dit mooie bedrijf ik krijg alle goeie tips die ik nodig hebt ik vindt de website en de app er goed uitzien het maakt mij erg Enthousiast en zie het alleen maar groeien.

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      ik Ben blij dat je zo positief bent over Crowd1!!
      Het is inderdaad een fantastische kans voor iedereen om een hoog inkomen online te genereren πŸ™‚
      Zoals je ziet gaat de waarde van owner rights flink omhoog en met de launcering van Affilgo en Migster Zullen onze inkomsten vanuit vele verschillende bronnen komen

      Je heb er goed aangedaan om bij dit programma te komen en ik zal alles op alles zetten om jou vooruit te helpen en betaalde signups under je te krijgen.

      Fantastisch dat je ook gebruikt maak van mijn aanbieding om je te helpen in de vorm van een 3-way call met je potentiele leden!!

      Ga zo door Benjamin En Binnenkort zal jij ook mensen onderwijzen in dit systeem!!

  5. Qwinpresh Precious

    you are really a good man Mr Patrick. thanks so much for your support financially to see that i grow and also earn. my team from Nigeria are also very proud of you. like i always say, ‘you are a good man and a great leader Mr Patrick’. the first time you promised to fund my account for free i though it was one of those scammers but you surprise me and till now it have been forward ever. thanks once more from Qwinpresh Precious

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      oooow My God My Queen This Is The Best review i ever had!!!

      I Am so happy to have an active and motivating member like you in my team of marketeers πŸ™‚

      I promise to guide you and your team towards success!!

      I Will Stay By Your Side And Keep Offering All The Help I Can

      You Are One Of The Best Refs I Have With Using My Bonus To Provide You With 3-way Calls To Sign In Your Potential Members

      Keep Up The Amazing Work I Will Visit You In Nigeria Soon with my wifey

  6. B S

    Been following you for a few months and man, a whole new world opened up to me! Hardest thing is staying consistent, but that’s true with everything. I’m already seeing results so you’ve earned my trust!

    Keep going champ!!

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Thank you so much Brian!!
      We Have Been Introduced by my wifey And I Am Grateful for That Day!!
      You Are One Of My Best Protege’s And I Love To Help You Towards Succes!!
      Keep Up Following My Advice And i Will Make Sure You Can Travel The World With Us πŸ™‚

      I Love To Have You On My Team My Man Thanks So Much For Your Kind Words!!

  7. Rutger Hendriksen

    Ptcpat weet wat hij doet
    service ten top en vriendelijke gozer
    zijn manier van hulp op afstand doet hij ook geweldig zelfs tijdens zijn werk maakt hij tijd om iemand uit het team zo goed mogelijk te helpen

    Crowd1 is super vet binnenkort gaming and gambling we zetten Allemaal wel wat in op toto unibet straks kun je dus promoter zijn gaan mensen spelen krijg je als ik het goed heb commissie? Eind deze maand volgens mij komt het uit..

    Ptcpat ga zo, door
    Hardwerken word beloond
    P.s mijn interpunctie is ruk haha
    Ik heb weekend 6 dagen gewerkt nu tijd voor een lekker koud pilsje
    Patrick bedankt voor je support
    Rj Johan Hendriksen

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Heey Rutger blij dat mijn vriendschap je bevalt!!
      Hahah mijn interpunctie is niet beter hoor ik verdwaal in de wereld van de komma’s en punten πŸ˜›
      Ik Kan niet wachten tot we samen achterover kunnen zitten genietend van al het werk dat we hierin gestopt hebben

      Ons team groeit dagelijks en we zijn niet van plan te stoppen

      Je heb gelijk over de lancering en dat we dan commissie krijgen over de mensen die toto unibet of casino’s spelen
      Het fijne daaraan vind ik aangezien ik geen gokker ben dat ik wel vele vrienden heb die goed gokken
      Ik ga die mensen aanbieden dat ( ligt aan de commissie) Dat ze via mij %10 extra krijgen

      Dat zal helpen πŸ˜›

      Geniet ervan man en hartstikke bedankt voor jou berichtje !!!

      Mijn support blijft hoor #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Hello Yasin
      How Are You?
      Where Are You From?
      Can i help you with anything?
      Or Did You Just Come By To Say Hi πŸ˜›
      If The Last One Is The Case Hi Right Back at you πŸ˜›

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      heey dexyram
      SΓ­, va bien πŸ™‚
      Y contigo
      Yo tambiΓ©n espero, ΒΏde dΓ³nde eres?
      Esta es la primera vez que habla espaΓ±ol a travΓ©s del traductor de Google, asΓ­ que perdΓ³name por los errores ortogrΓ‘ficos.

      ΒΏCΓ³mo puedo ayudarte?

      Saludos PtcPat

  8. Crowd1 7 Days Left For Free Owner Rights – PTCpat

  9. It’s My Birthday!!!! – PTCpat

  10. Ruslan Voronov

    get in touch with me
    all that you write and offer
    to me
    not talking about anything yet
    I can provide you a card myself
    for $ 500
    with traffic loans
    are you ready to buy it

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Heey Ruslan
      Thanks For Leaving A Message!!
      All I Write And Offer Comes Straight From The heart.
      As you can read on my page i was homeless for years.
      Met a lot of nice people who could use some help in the homeless shelter 15 months ago.
      6 months ago i started this site and marketing lifestyle.
      I still have sooo much to learn!!
      I Am dreaming of becoming a ptc site with my own style that will be profitable for everybody not just $0.002 per click.
      I Don’t know of what kind of card you talk about.
      Also i don’t Know what traffic loans are.
      Like Said before i am new in this bussines and still have lots to learn

      I Will Send this reply to your email also.

      Thank you so much for your kind words!!


  11. merryvillager

    Dear Patrick, although I would not be joining Crowd1 (it is just not my thing) I wish you the very, very best with it. I also want to congratulate here those who do join you, and assure them that they get in you a perfect sponsor. With your incredibly upbeat attitude, your motivation and determination, I am sure you will reach the moon and take there with you some of your followers.

    As to your PTC sites, your results are amazing! And you know what, I think no one else wishes to see you at the top of the board in AdTokenz more than I do πŸ™‚ In fact, on the top of many other boards!!

    BIG Cheers to You and Your Success!!

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Heey Merry
      Thank you so much again!! your words make me blush πŸ˜›
      Today i have worked 14 hours so i did not have the time to respond on skype
      Tomorrow i must start at 05:00 and have to travel to a location 2 hours so expect an early chat again :p

      Today is also the birthday of my wifey πŸ™‚
      I can say that now is the time people really start to believe in my honest intentions and motivation to do this

      Yeah everybody i have ever met told me there is no money to be made with Ptc Sites i tell them they are wrong i am PTC pat πŸ˜›

      Thank you milady i will be celebrating when i steal your spot at Adtokenz πŸ˜›

      I Am Honored that i recieve attention from the Great Merry Makowski and even tips and training

      lots of love PtcPat

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Off course you are not to late

      I am a great leader with crowd1 and support over 70 in My downline

      Also i offer many bonusses you Will find nowhere else

      Like a free White pack gift code when signing in 3 paid members under you

      3 lvl deep so also for your downline and their signup


      Check it out get to know us we are a tight marketing family and we help each other forward

      As you Will hear in the group i have place a minimum of 10 people under My downline

      And help everybody fulltime towards succes

      Give me a message i can help you forward

      Greetings PtcPat

    1. Patrick Maasdam

      Hello Simelane welcome aboard!!

      Let me know if i can help you with anything

      Teamwork makes the dream work

      Greetings PtcPat

    2. Patrick Maasdam

      Off course you are not to late

      I am a great leader with crowd1 and support over 70 in My downline

      Also i offer many bonusses you Will find nowhere else

      Like a free White pack gift code when signing in 3 paid members under you

      3 lvl deep so also for your downline and their signup


      Check it out get to know us we are a tight marketing family and we help each other forward

      As you Will hear in the group i have place a minimum of 10 people under My downline

      And help everybody fulltime towards succes

      Give me a message i can help you forward

      Greetings PtcPat

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