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I Have Great News For You And Many Updates Regarding Crowd1! 🙂
As you can see now i have 1142 owner rights coming down to 2055 EURO
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We Have Updated News From Crowd1 About The Soft Launch And It’s Good News

To show you the new improvements crowd1 has made a pre-launch movie we can use to advertise

And that’s not all 🙂
Also the soft launch of crowd1 will still start 20 October!!

That’s noticeable with al the new updates we see in our back office

Check out the promo launch video of Affilgo explaining a bit of what we can expect 🙂

A lot has changed lately and we have grown so fast now over 400.000 members who all benefit from these great bonuses!!

We are growing fast and this is the time to join!!

We are the biggest crowd1 promotion group and have a direct line with Crowd1 office!!

Meaning we hear all updates and info before it reaches our other members

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Hope you liked my short review of crowd1

Also i would like to inform you of our Crowd1 International Whatsapp Group Where you will find lots of support and guidance

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