Crowd1 Recruiting Mail Update

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Please Join The Crowd!!
Best Paying Program Ever!!!

Heey guys i just worked for 14 hours but i promised my downline to make a recruiting email for them 😛

First of all it’s my wifey her birthday Congratulations my boo 🙂

PTCShare Invest under me in this program and i will give you a insurance!! You will be assured of not losing your money with my money back gaurantee Up until $1000!!!

I will place 2 of my favorite programs i use daily above here

The banners are Clickable Will Be A Small Review Cause I Am Tired And Need to work again at 05:00


Because a lot of Crowd1 promotors ask for my help and i offer it to everybody being in my team or not this way i hope to still benefit from somebody joining my programs

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As you know by now Crowd1 is unstoppable!!

Me and my team are exploding with binary points

Crowd1 is a new way to turn your smarthpone into a broken ATM

The reason i say broken is because it just keeps spitting out money day by day hour after hour

Come and join my team using our teams full promotion power

You will recieve spillover and spillunder bonus.

Explaining that like a b c is this when one of our team makes a signup the binary bonus goes up ( like usual )

But also down so we all benefit from working together!!

Even our members who have just joined and have not signed in anybody!!

I have a lot of updates to inform you about!!

The first one being the hard launch of crowd1 which will last until 23 November

Affilgo has entered soft launch and will start 15 November!!

On that same day Miggster will launch also meaning we will recieve MASSIVE INCOME from the gamers and the gamblers!!

While also recieving passive income from all the owner rights we have already earned by joining and promoting

How awesome is that!!!

There are also 2 new promotion movies of Crowd1 and Affilgo which i want to show you!!

This is the one from Affilgo

And this movie is from the best life changing program ever!!! Loving it!!

Also when getting a paid pack be sure to like Crowd1 and Affilgo on Facebook and Instagram for 40 free owner rights!!!

That means 40 x €1.80 Straight after joining and liking!!!

Also i want to make sure you know about our Whatsapp group where there are global top leaders ready to answer all questions you could ever think of!

They are dedicated to making your story a succes story and will go to a lot to help you sign in members

They help with 3 way calls and also with chatting with your friends or prospects

You will not be alone in this!!! Believe me when i say this will be the thing that truly changed your life

Contact me for more info i could introduce you to my sponsor and you can build trust by doing a videocall with us

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