About Crowd1

Crowd1 is a fast-growing company that sells education for anyone who want to start it’s own business.

Crowd1 is now in it’s pioneer stage which means that there is a lot of development going on.

Crowd1 is in collaboration with the gaming industry, no we don’t play games ourselves (unless you want to of course hahaha).
But this means that everyone signing in gets free, so-called, “owners rights” these owner rights create a weekly income (how much that will depend on what level you are on in the program), the owner rights add up every week in your account, you can either buy more or sell them whatever your preference is.

Other than that there is a certain bonus everyone is aiming for: The spill under and spillover bonus. This means that you get bonus points for everyone your team signs in (here we are talking about paid signups!)


Our Team

Our team is a mash-up of marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, people with a webshop, you name it.

Our goal is to make everyone grow!

Because we want our team to grow we give away an extra bonus, make 3 paid signups and your upline gives you a gift code worth €99.

With this gift code, you can start up another paid account.

Why we do that is because we also have highly motivated people who simply can’t pay their account themselves, so make 3 signups and we pay you in! 

(Which means you don’t necessarily need to invest your own money)

Or, if you can start up as a paid member and you get 3 paid signups in our team you still get this bonus to sign someone else in as a paid account (would make 4 paid accounts in your downline) and you earn your fear of loss bonus!

Our team has it’s own WhatsApp group chat where everyone helps everyone and where respect and honesty is a must.

Any type of information or knowledge that’s been given in this group is completely free, all guidance (if needed) is free.


Because we earn when you earn and you earn when we earn. As simple as that. We grow when you grow . why asking money for these things if we al get profits because of the spill under and over bonuses.

€99 for financial freedom!


Let me ask you, How many times have you spent €99 in your life?

And how many did you receive back from spending that €99?


To me that amount is still very cheap because joining Crowd1:



– You are entering a life-changing opportunity that could be a bridge to end our 9-5 Job & secure your family’s future.


– Get to spend more time with your family earning from home (or earning while being on a vacation.


– Be your own BOSS!


– You will have a Global Business which is open 24/7, with your own dashboard to monitor & withdraw your earnings.


– You are entitled to receive weekly Bonuses/Dividends weekly (Owner’s Rights) which value started at €0.2 and are now worth €2.00.


– The income is “Sky is the limit”
The hungrier the Better.

– The income is passive, we can even earn while we sleep.


– Chance to Join Luxury Cruise Incentive, 7 days all-expense paid, sailing around the world (+ you get to invite someone to come with you!)



For only €99 we are offering them all of the above.



 1 – * Present the Opportunity * to others, family, friends, acquaintances,

prepare meetings and we have social networks where we can tell the world that  * we a re in a serious and future project * 

2- Every day *educate and train* with information we have all the information we need on the internet to become professionals in network marketing 

3 – every day *meet new people* we never know what our next customer will be. 

4 – *Train a new partner* in your team, share your vision and why you are doing this and grow together

CEO Patrick Maasdam

I am Patrick from the Netherlands I would love to team up with you ,

I would like to introduce you to a legitimate business that is paying so well and is still new globally. 


Where my team offers a free White Pack gift code worth €99 when making 3 paid signups under you.


We offer that 3 lvls deep
So that counts for Your downline and their direct signup

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