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Online Marketing For Noobs

I teach people for FREE, how to start a successful WordPress website like mine.
And how to get tons of visits to their affiliate links for free.How to earn a huge income, much more than a full time income in less time by working online.

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My website is above check it out.
and my website is just 7 months old, already worth over $11.000

I generated over 100.000 leads, have over 26.000 people signed up in multiple opportunities online.

Always trying to meet new people to help them to become successful in online business.

Everything what I offer is for free, so are my help and guidance.

Just a simple highly motivated guy trying to make new friends.

Fun fact about me:

I lost everything and became homeless in Haarlem the Netherlands only 15 months ago, but I didn’t lost the mind and motivation to fight for a better life! From homeless to a successful online business in only 15 months!

I also write poetry you can find them by searching in Facebook:

Do not hesitate you can ask me anything you want?

With crowd1 i give you a White pack gift code worth €99 when you make 3 paid signups

I offer this 3 levels deep
So your team growth Will be explosive!!

Crowd1 gives you €125 when you make 4 paid White pack signups in 14 days

I am a succesfull leader with more then 40 direct signups

I train everybody towards succes

I now make with crowd1 a minimum of €600 weekly

If this sounds like something for you come and join My chat💪

Here you Will meet My marketing family🥰

Best regards PtcPat

Proud owner of the PtcPat imperium


A Movie explaining Crowd1 can be find below <3

Welcome aboard My friend

Great to have you🌹

The above movie is a updated webinar explaining the program

We are partners from crowd1

A affiliate partner from many big names in the gaming and gambling industry

With crowd1 we are building a digital empire which Will bring us profits from many ways

We are here to educate and inform the people

The program is build with a powerline meaning all are equal

We are the only team that offer great bonusses when recruiting members


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